Radiofrequency radiation, 5G, ICNIRP and conflicts of interest

In a new article the outdated guidelines for radiofrequency radiation by ICNIRP are discussed.

These guidelines are used by many countries. The recent publication by ICNIRP gives even higher levels for exposure compared with the previous ones. Only heating (thermal) effects are considered.

The conclusion in the article is that:

“..the ICNIRP has failed to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of health risks associated with RF radiation. The latest ICNIRP publication cannot be used for guidelines on this exposure.”


One thought on “Radiofrequency radiation, 5G, ICNIRP and conflicts of interest

  1. Thank you, both Dr. Lennart Hardell and Dr. Michael Carlberg! The document has many utterly important details, and I noticed that reading once is obviously not enough. When going into it again, my eyes suddenly caught the name “Lars Klæboe”. He is on table 1, in the column of SSM 2015-2020. He is there together with e.g. the following names: Emilie van Deventer, Maria Feichting, Eric van Rongen, Anke Hus, and Martin Röösli.
    Lars Klæboe plays a dominant role in DSA, Norway, the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, though he is invisible on the list of members: – even on the entire website.
    The DSA director Ole Harbitz has not any idea about EMF. He published a few researches on ResearchGate that have to do with nuclear radiation effects.
    The monopoly of the radiation of EMF guidelines is in Norway in the hands of DSA. Not in the hands of the ministry of health, or the Helsedirektoratet. I know this by experience: “Mrs. Janssen, you have to contact DSA. DSA is Norway’s safety guidelines decision maker.”
    So I did, in 2018.
    Everybody in Norway, who has tried to change the policy in Norway about EMF safety guidelines, has “met” Lars Klæboe as the one and only one who answers all questions. He represents DSA in the press, all media, and in emails.
    ICNIRP was never and nowhere mentioned.
    I discovered it. Via your table 1.
    Thank you!!

    I am shocked.
    DSA director Harbitz is totally ignorant about EMF and offered the responsibility to the Norwegian expert Klæboe, while Hanne Kofstadmoen is mentioned as the director Avdeling strålevern og måletenester. Nobody knows Hanne. We, who have problems with EMF, smart meters, WiFi, cell towers, are forwarded immediately to Lars Klæboe.

    Conclusion: conflicts of interest in DSA, Norway, with the industry!!


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