Cancer Statistics in Korea: Incidence, Mortality, Survival and Prevalence in 2010

This is the title of a recent paper from Korea on national cancer statistics during 1999 to 2010. During that period the annual increase in the incidence of all cancer was 3.3 % (p<0.05) in both sexes. Some cancer types showed a declining trend whereas the incidence increased for others.

Notably a high increasing incidence of thyroid cancer was seen both in men and women, annually 24.8 % and 24.2 % respectively.

The incidence of tumours in the brain and nervous system increased annually 1.0 % (p<0.05) in men and 0.5 % in women. For both genders together the annual incidence increase was 0.8 % (p<0.05).

The article does not discuss the causes for the different cancer pattern over the years. Certain persons claim that there is no change in the incidence of brain tumours and thus use of wireless phones is not a risk factor. This article verifies that such statements are not correct.