WHO – ICNIRP and radiofrequency radiation

The close association between WHO and the ICNIRP has been described in a previous article. Unfortunately, this association seems to have prevented actions on health and the environment. ICNIRP is a private NGO based in Germany that acts pro-industry. In fact, exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation has increased in the society. Now the fifth generation, 5G, of wireless communication is implemented in spite of potential risks to human health and the environment. Our appeal (www.5gappeal.eu) asking for a moratorium until research on risks have been performed has not had any positive response either from EU or the Nordic countries.

Microwave news has now published an update with historical views. It is well worth to read. This information is usually not available to the layman.


One thought on “WHO – ICNIRP and radiofrequency radiation

  1. 5G may be in a weird testing phase in Little Rock Arkansas. I have experienced really strong symptoms internittently for a while after my child got a new generation phone on a new carrier for us. I feel symptoms when her phone has been plugged in only to recharge the battery from a distance of over forty feet and with three walls between the room the phone is in and the room in the back of the house. I get a hard hit on the left side of the head when she uses her phone from the passenger seat and when we are near a 5G tower. Once it was so forceful I turned to see as if a real human had punched me, but at once saw it was a new 5G box within 30 feet and my head was in the direct line between the phone and the module I believe. I know it sounds weird, but is there any lab that can test her phone for malfunctioning antennae? The carrier said I have just suffered nerve damage and perhaps am more sensitive to the electricity…


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