Meningioma and use of wireless phones

We published recently pooled results of our case-control studies on meningioma and use of wireless phones (mobile phones and cordless phones). The patients were all inhabitants in Sweden and were diagnosed during 1997-2003 or 2007-2009. In total 1625 cases and 3500 controls participated. The control population was drawn from the Swedish population register.

Overall no consistent association was found for use of wireless phones, although somewhat increased risk was found in the group with highest cumulative use of wireless phones and longest latency period (time from first use until diagnosis). These results are similar to findings in other studies in this area. Our results are in contrast to the clearly increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma in the same studies. All types of brain tumours were investigated. Thus, different findings for different tumour types clearly show that the results cannot be explained by bias. In that case similar results would have been obtained regardless of tumour type.

Our study is published in a scientific journal and can be found here.


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