Increasing rate of brain tumours in Sweden

Radiofrequency fields emitted from mobile and cordless phones were in May 2011 evaluated to be ’possibly’ carcinogenic to humans, Group 2B, by IARC. This has had little effect on precaution. Instead incidence data on brain tumour from the Swedish Cancer Register have been used to dismiss the increased risk. In this study we show that these data are not reliable. Instead there is an increasing rate of brain tumours in Sweden. Using the Swedish National Inpatient we show in this study that the rate of brain tumours in Sweden increased since 2007. This increase was seen from 2008 in the Causes of Death Register. The increasing rates may be caused by use of mobile and cordless phones, see


One thought on “Increasing rate of brain tumours in Sweden

  1. I suffer from a mild degree of EHS, when I speak on the phone I get a tingling feeling on my face and hands.
    The headaches occur after a few minutes. I searched on google for a solution.
    I read that an air tube radiation free headset can help, so I did a little research and got one.
    I have to say that it actually helps.
    I do not have to hold the phone to my head so the tingling sensation stopped both head and cheek.



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