New article – radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) probable carcinogenic to humans, Group 2A

A group of international researchers published recently in Pathophysiology an updated evaluation of the carcinogenicity of RF-EMF. They concluded that it should be classified at least as a probable human carcinogen, Group 2A according to the classification system at the WHO IARC. The article was partly initiated by our recent summary in Pathophysiology.

The authors make also an estimate of the cost to treat brain tumours: “Given that treatment for a single case of brain cancer can cost between $100,000 for radiation therapy alone and up to $1 million depending on drug costs, resources to address this illness are already in short supply and not universally available in either developing or developed countries. Significant additional shortages in oncology services are expected at the current growth of cancer.”

They end the Abstract with “We note than brain cancer is the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”; the rest of the body is also showing effects other than cancers.”


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